Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fallout 3

Structure/Story: In fallout 3 you start out as a baby born in an underground nuclear containment facility you'll begin by picking your gender and changing facial features. After all that you jump forward in time to key events in your characters life in the vault. Finally your 19 years old and your dad up and leaves the vault for no apparent reason thus your character leaves to pursue his or her father. Structure/Story 9.7

Playability: The best part of this game. Every action has a reaction so each time you play you will find new side quests, different npc characters, and have an all around different experience. Top all that off with an in depth karma system that changes how people react to you and even changes some stuff said over the radio. The replay level is phenomenal and that is due to the distinct yet familiar level up system where you get a set amount of points you can put into your base skills. You also get these things called perks that drastically change the game play. Such as the cannibalism perk that allows you to devour the corpses that you killed for health and negative karma. Playability 10

Enjoyment: I found myself totally immersed in this game to a point where I forgot that I was only playing a game. Every time I play It feels like a whole new (enjoyable) experience. One minor gripe is that you can only reach level 20 but by that time you are pretty much a god so its nothing worth not getting the game over. Enjoyment 9.5

Overall: If you have a 360, Ps3 or a Pc and you dont have this game then you are not getting the most out of your gaming life. Fallout 3 gets a 10 out of 10.

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Sandra said...

I'm just wondering if there are any philosophical underpinnings to this game. For myself, I prefer to play video games that engage my intellectual capacity as well as my thumb and forefinger. I want substance, Game Reviewer. Give me substance.