Saturday, February 28, 2009

Street Fighter 4

Hey everyone. Sorry I took a little break from reviewing but im back with a review for what is a great contender for game of the year.

Structure/story: This game is a 2.5d fighter. that's it. While they're is a central plot it's hard to follow and overall forgettable. I love fighters but couldn't care less for the story.
Structure/story: 9

Enjoyment: This game is great. Awesome graphical effects and combos to keep you playing through the night. Strictly gameplay wise I see no flaws. Enjoyment 10 (And thats a big 10!)

Playability: For those of you worried about buying this game only to find that each character has about ten thousand moves for you to master that will most likely take you a good week before actually playing *coughs* Soul Calibur 4. Have no fear each character has about 15 moves (give or take) and its even so kind to include a mode that takes you through each characters moves with on screen directions on how to do them. Two new gameplay features add the icing on the freaking cake to this game. The first is the super and ultra meter that builds up as you do different moves or take damage. upon filling up completely you can use them to do devastating damage to your opponant, The second is ex moves these are regular character moves with a second button press to make them do more damage at the cost of some of your super meter. Playability: 10

Overall: Street fighter 4 is without a doubt the best fighter I have ever played. Its fun for both amatures and pro's and is an incredibly in depth game. Street Fighter 4 gets a massive 10 out of 10.

Side note: If you have both the 360 and the ps3 and don't know which to get it for, I stress you get it for the ps3 as the 360 controller never works right for fighting games. If you want to play me add me as a friend. My psn tag is panzy14.