Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Castlevania Circle Of The Moon

structure/story. The game starts out with 3 new heroes that don't have anything to do with the overall Castlevania storyline running to attack Dracula, Two of them get blasted into a pit thus thrusting you into control of one of them. The story is a little cheesy and overdone complete with a jealous son and some big thing happening at midnight (that's not a spoiler) blah blah blah. The structure Is basically the same as symphony of the night, where you run around a castle level up your character and find hidden items. Structure/story 8.5

Enjoyment. This game is enjoyable, the rpg system is nice and balanced its fun wandering around a big castle and finding new things. Although some parts of the game are way too difficult so be prepared to die... alot. There is one new feature in the game called dual setup system (or something like that) and its pretty cool. You take some base cards (weapon changers stat changers) then take an element card (holy, fire, poison ect) and mix them togther for some cool effects. Enjoyment 9.5

Playability. The first time through this game is alot of fun but after the first playthrough there isnt much to make you wanna come back and play. Especially since for whatever reason they didnt include a freaking store. So when your stuck on a boss fight there is no buying potions. Playability 7

Overall. This game is great, for only 10 bucks its a fun expirence and worth checking out, if you have a gba or a ds, Get this game. Castlevania Circle Of The Moon gets a 8.70 out of 10.

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