Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I haven't posted in a while for christmas. Merry christmas/Hanukkah/kwanza and everything else and a happy new year. I should have a review of castlevania order of ecclesia up soon so be patient.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Picture yourself playing "Call Of Duty World At War" at 2 in the morning. Sitting in your nice warm house. Now imagine that your sister asks you to help her friend get unstuck at the bottom of a hill completely covered in ice. After being outside freezing to death at sub zero temperature for way too long I go back inside and fall asleep from exhaustion, hooray for helping.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Castlevania Circle Of The Moon

structure/story. The game starts out with 3 new heroes that don't have anything to do with the overall Castlevania storyline running to attack Dracula, Two of them get blasted into a pit thus thrusting you into control of one of them. The story is a little cheesy and overdone complete with a jealous son and some big thing happening at midnight (that's not a spoiler) blah blah blah. The structure Is basically the same as symphony of the night, where you run around a castle level up your character and find hidden items. Structure/story 8.5

Enjoyment. This game is enjoyable, the rpg system is nice and balanced its fun wandering around a big castle and finding new things. Although some parts of the game are way too difficult so be prepared to die... alot. There is one new feature in the game called dual setup system (or something like that) and its pretty cool. You take some base cards (weapon changers stat changers) then take an element card (holy, fire, poison ect) and mix them togther for some cool effects. Enjoyment 9.5

Playability. The first time through this game is alot of fun but after the first playthrough there isnt much to make you wanna come back and play. Especially since for whatever reason they didnt include a freaking store. So when your stuck on a boss fight there is no buying potions. Playability 7

Overall. This game is great, for only 10 bucks its a fun expirence and worth checking out, if you have a gba or a ds, Get this game. Castlevania Circle Of The Moon gets a 8.70 out of 10.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fallout 3

Structure/Story: In fallout 3 you start out as a baby born in an underground nuclear containment facility you'll begin by picking your gender and changing facial features. After all that you jump forward in time to key events in your characters life in the vault. Finally your 19 years old and your dad up and leaves the vault for no apparent reason thus your character leaves to pursue his or her father. Structure/Story 9.7

Playability: The best part of this game. Every action has a reaction so each time you play you will find new side quests, different npc characters, and have an all around different experience. Top all that off with an in depth karma system that changes how people react to you and even changes some stuff said over the radio. The replay level is phenomenal and that is due to the distinct yet familiar level up system where you get a set amount of points you can put into your base skills. You also get these things called perks that drastically change the game play. Such as the cannibalism perk that allows you to devour the corpses that you killed for health and negative karma. Playability 10

Enjoyment: I found myself totally immersed in this game to a point where I forgot that I was only playing a game. Every time I play It feels like a whole new (enjoyable) experience. One minor gripe is that you can only reach level 20 but by that time you are pretty much a god so its nothing worth not getting the game over. Enjoyment 9.5

Overall: If you have a 360, Ps3 or a Pc and you dont have this game then you are not getting the most out of your gaming life. Fallout 3 gets a 10 out of 10.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just got back from the glass city opry a monthly bluegrass show that my dad and friends run (I help out backstage) and I played alot of Castlevania Circle Of The Moon. I should have a review up sometime within the next 2 years. It was fun, I sat there hanging out with my friend Maggie and doing nothing special. Bluegrass bores me lol. I might put up my fallout 3 review up early (If your good)

Friday, December 5, 2008

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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Leave comments with game suggestions and I just might do them

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night.

Structure/story: You are Dracula's son "Alucard" (how creative *laughs*) A human loving vampire awoken from his eternal slumber when his father comes back after being killed by the vampire hunter "Richter". So the premise is that your in Dracula's castle and you must unlock new abilities through killing bosses and finding them in the world while working to find and kill your father in a huge open ended castle . Structure/story 9

Playability: Bottom line... This game is fun, Mixing rpg leveling up and finding new items with real time action and spell casting. One thing that did bother me is that sometimes youll find your self stuck in an enemies attack pattern, For example. I got stuck in between two guys and they just kept knocking me back and forth till I died but this is a reletavly small complaint because this game is freaking epic. This game has a great replay value due to the multiple endings and a new character you get to play as if you enter the name "Richter" as your starting name after youve beaten the main game. Playability: 9.5

Enjoyment: This game's enjoyment level is above and beyond any other sidescroller ive played I would find myself playing for 6 hours straight and not even noticing the time has passed. Its a huge game and deffinantly worth getting. Enjoyment: 10

Overall: If you have an xbox 360 or a ps3 hooked up to the internet, This game is a must buy for only 10 bucks I felt like the one ripping konami off. Alternativly if you have a psp you can get the dracula x chronicles and unlock Symphony Of The Night. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night gets a 9.75 out of 10.

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