Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resident Evil 5

Sorry its been so long for this review but school is taking up a lot of my time.

Story: The game calls itself a survival horror game but do not be fooled, Its not scary... at all. The story is okay but kind of weak at parts. It tries to do a Metal Gear Solid 4 wrap up where it ties up all loose ends but it just doesn't do it right. Story: 7

Playability: Its a third person shooter in the same vein as gears of war but you can not move while shooting. Some people complain about that but I think it makes the game better as it adds a lot of intensity to it (intense and scary are way different in my book). The game has just about endless replayability due to a huge weapon list and the ability to upgrade said weapons. Playability: 10

Enjoyment: I played this game almost nonstop my first play through. I just couldn't bring myself to let the controller go. That being said I have to say I enjoyed Dead Space quite a bit more than Re5, It was scary, Had more upgrades, you can move while shooting, It was longer and had a way better story. Enjoyment: 9

Overall: This game is a must buy for action game fans and people who cant stop till they have upgraded every last thing. I love this game and have beaten it countless times. Go buy this game it rocks. Overall: 9

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