Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Before I review I would like to note that this is an indie game, Which means its not a big team of people with lots of resources who made it just one guy. So please do NOT torrent this game as he did not have the money that big name company's have to make this. That means that you are big time ripping him off and for 20 bucks it really isn't worth torrenting.

Structure/Story: There really isn't a story to this game as it is more about drawing anything you want and having it come to life (using real world physics) to get a ball to a star all in colorful crayon style graphics. It sounds mundane I know but trust me its awesome. Structure/Story: 9

Playability: This game has endless replayability due to, 1: Endless ways to beat each level, 2: Create your own levels and upload them online, and 3: Download user levels to play for yourself.
The physics work phenomenal with no glitches (that Ive found at least) or bad drawing detection. Overall I see myself still playing this one year from now. Playability: 10

Enjoyment: This game is very enjoyable and satisfactory especially when you make a big machine and watch it go to work to get your ball where it needs to go. with 80 awesome levels it will probably take you a while to complete but that's ok because it never gets boring. Some puzzles are very difficult, One of the later ones took me 10 minutes just staring at the screen to figure out what I was gonna try to do. Enjoyment: 10

Overall: Overall this game is amazing never gets boring and for 20 bucks it is a must buy for all gamers. If your computer wont run this game (for whatever reason) There is a 5 dollar version for the ipod touch and iphone which I have lol. Crayon Physics Deluxe gets a 10 out of 10.

Go to to check out the creator's (Petri Purho) blog and to buy this perfect game or try out the free demo

(the ipod touch version gets a 7 out of 10 because there are 30 less levels and the physics dont work right half the time)


benji said...

You should try another great indie game, Gravity Bone.
It can be downloaded at:

Weston said...

Downloading it right now thanks for the suggestion